Monday, July 16, 2007

La Parisenne FREE Beret Knitting Pattern


The pattern for La Parisienne is ready. As I said in my pattern preview post, this is a quick easy project, but with a fanstatic impact, because of the kaleidoscopic effect of the chevrons. Just think what wonderful Christmas presents these berets would make! As far as color choices are concerned, my recommendation would be to not be afraid of contrast. The contrast gives the decreasing chevrons a lot more impact.
Happy Knitting, and enjoy being a Parisienne!


SockPixie Sock Yarn 1 each in Peacock, and Tea Rose
Needles: 16" US 3, dpts US 3
Gauge: 7stitches/inch on US 3

Cast on 120 stitches.
Join round.
Throughout the pattern you will be knitting 2 consecutive rows of each color. To avoid a jagged edge you can foloow this cool little technique . Do not cut the yarn after each color change, rather carry it up.
Alternating the colors as set above, knit in K2P2 rib for 1".

Increase row: *K1, K1f&b* Repeat for one whole row. You should now have 180 stitches.

Start pattern:
R1: *K1f&b, K5, slip 2, K1, P2SSO, K5, K1f&b* Repeat from * to *
R2: Knit

Repeat R1 and R2 until the piece measures 4" from cast on edge.

You will now start decreasing while maintaining the chevron pattern.

First decrease round:
R1: *K1f&b, K1, K2tog, K2, slip 2, K1, P2SSO, K2, K2tog, K1, K1f&b* Repeta from * to *
R2: Knit

For the next 6 rows continue as follows:
R1: *K1f&b, K4, slip 2, K1, P2SSO, K4, K1f&b* Repeat from * to *
R2: Knit
You repeat R1 and R2 3 times each.

Second Decrease round:
R1: *K1f&b, K1, K2tog, K1, slip 2, K1, P2SSO, K1, K2tog, K1, K1f&b* Repeat from * to *
R2: Knit

Continue as follows for the next 4 rows:
R1: * K1f&b, K3, slip 2, K1, P2SSO, K3, K1f&b*
R2: Knit
You will repeat R1 and R2 2 times each.

Third decrease round:
R1: *K1f&b, K2tog, K1, slip 2, K1 , P2SSO, K1, K2tog, K1f&b* Repeat from * to *
R2: Knit

Continue as follows for the next 2 rows:
R1: *K1f&b, K2, slip 2, K1, P2SSO, K2, K1f&b* Repeat from * to *
R2: Knit

Fourth Decrease Round:
R1: *K1f&b, K2tog, slip 2, K1, P2SSO, K2tog, K1f&b* repeat from * to *
R2: Knit

Continue as follows for the next 2 rows:
R1: *K1f&b, K1, slip 2, K1, P2SSO, K1, K1f&b* Repeat from * to *
R2: Knit

Decrease Rounds:
R1: K2, *slip 2, K1, P2SSO, K4* repeat from * to *, end knit 2.
R2: K1, * slip 2, K1 P2SSO, K2* Repeat from * to *
R3: *Slip 2, K1, P2SSO* Repeat from * to *
R4: *K2tog* repeat from * to *
R5: K2tog but only on 2 stitches, K till end of row. You should have 5 stitches left.

Knit a 1 cm long i-cord on the 5 remaining stitches. BO of the i-cord by knitting 3 together, then 2 tog, pass the first stitch over the second one, and you are done!
Weave in all ends.


Joan Callaway said...

Thanks so much for the pattern. I've got three granddaughters who will love this. Can hardly wait for my yarn to arrive. While you say "1 each in peacock and tea rose", I'm wondering if you have an idea of the total yardage this hat takes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joan,

Thanks for the post. To answer you question, you will be able to get 2 hats with 2 hanks of yarn, and possibly 3, but I am no absolutely sure about the third one. Have fun combining colors, and of course knitting. I hope your grand-daughters will love the hats.

Caroline, the SockPixie

Audrey said...

Bless you, SockPixie. Your designs are beautiful.

Kara said...

How cute is this pattern?! Love it. I am totally going to make one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments, Kara and Knitathome.

Caroline, the Sockpixie

DaharaDesigns said...

This pattern is absolutely lovely! I am knitting it up as a gift for grandparents day for my Grandmothers, and it is an absolute delight. I am stuck, though, on the first decrease, I end up with 4 stitches left over at the end. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? Your designs are an absolute inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Well this is a trick question. There is always the possibility that I made a mistake when transcribing my notes! Maybe you are forgetting some of the decreases?

I hope this helps,


DaharaDesigns said...

I can see how my question was not clear lol - should perhaps not ask things when I should be in bed ;)

What is happening is I have 180 stitches before the decreases are to begin - Round 1 of decreases, if counted out, takes 14 sts per "section", 180 / 14 sts( which = 12.8 rounded up) does not have an even number, thus leaving sts left over at the end of the round.

I think there are two too many sts in the Round 1 decrease, i.e., if there were to be 12 sts per "section" of the decrease to be followed until the end of the round, then there would be 180 sts / 12 sts per section, translating into 15 repeats of instructions for the Round 1 decrease.

LOL I didn't mean to rude or absolutely idiotic, I had someone read the instructions to me to make sure I was reading it correctly!

DaharaDesigns said...

Oh geez, please ignore my previous post! I worked it out and figured out that it should be K3 instead of K2 in the First Decrease Round.

I'm sorry if I'm being so annoying, one of my friends actually told me to get a book on socks to figure stuff out because I'm seriously pattern deficient at times!

I hold to my previous comment though, your patterns are stunning. Wish I had a better word than that, too! Blessings, Jen

Anonymous said...

Dear Dahara,

Thanks for asking your question again, and you are not the only one who goes to bed too late ;)

Ok so you have 180 stitches after increasing. The first decrease rows works on the basis of 15 stitches, which makes 12 repeats.
S2, K1, P2SSO= 1
K5= 5

I hope this helps.
Please ask again if it still does not work. I love helping.

Caroline, the SockPixie

Anonymous said...

this looks so cute,
what is the diameter of this beret?

Romi said...

That is adorable! I love it. :)

Anonymous said...

I told a friend of mine that I would make her a hat if she found a pattern she liked and she picked yours!
The only thing is that she wants it all one colour. I have been knitting for about a year now but have only done a few pattern projects.
I was wondering if it would be very confusing for me to use all the same colour yarn.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this pattern. I think I may have found the PERFECT Beret!
~ Robyn

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful patterns. Is P2 SSO:

purl 2
slip slip _____?


PhotoPelican said...

This is a great looking pattern.
Can you please explain what is the K1f&b? Many thanks

Natasha said...

I recounted it, and came up with 18 stitches in a repeat. Uhm... That was after being puzzled with leftover stitches at the end. :) I am adopting this pattern to a different yarn and stitch count. So, 18 stitches, not 15. Thanks for the pattern though!

Joan said...

I just finished making a hat in this pattern in a thicker yarn which required size 8 needles. It worked! You just need to make sure the stitch number for the ribbing part is divisible by 4, and, after increasing, the main pattern part is divisible by 15. It took me 2 rows of initial increasing to get there, and I only had 8 chevrons, but the hat looks great! Thanks so much.