Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sock Pixie is Born

I just moved to Boston from California, with my husband, and 4 children. Until a little more than a month ago, I used to own a yarn shop there called Philato. For a month, I thought maybe I was just on a short vacation. And then, reality sank in, I was a yarn lady no more. So I vengefully put my needles away, and stored my stash in the coldest corner of the basement! Slowly day by day, the yarn bug crept up... I started by having my children knit baby hats for donation, my poor little husband needed a new scarf, so of course I had to knit it, and then it was socks, and the smell of the yarn, the touch of the yarn, the colors of the yarn, and the magic of socks did their trick. This morning I woke up, I was the sock pixie!