Friday, December 18, 2009

Ishbel Ma Belle

Ishbel ( which I nicknamed Ishbel Ma Belle)is finished and ready to become my mother's Christmas present. I had so much fun wih this project. Spinning was a delight the Merino roving, and knitting Ysolda's wonderfully feminine pattern proved to be equally pleasurable.

I am of course fond of the rich orange color. I dyed the roving using chemical dyes in a dyepot, which gave me quite a bit of color uniformity, but at the same time preserved gentle variations.

I can hardly wait to give it to my Mom! I'll let you know what she says...

No Heat, No Colorways!

This is not my week!First I planted a wood working tool in my hand. And now my furnace stopped working during a real cold snap in New England! The repair could be done tomorrow if the part arrives on time, or Monday.
So basically, I will not have any new colorways this weekend.
But on a happy note, my hand is healing, and I was able to spin a little...