Monday, May 19, 2008

Of Bicycles and Yarn...

I have made some knitting progress on the secret sweater today. I am done with the body section that is knit in the round, and am now working back and forth on the back. Another 2 inches and the back will be finished. I will bind off the neck stitches but I will put the shoulder stitches on holders and reserve them for a three needle bind off. The front will have a high v-neck.
Talking about the sweater brings me to the topic of this post.
I actually got myself tangled in a situation that I should have clearly avoided having given plenty of advice to many of my knitterly friends on what to do in that exact situation.
Last night, my husband was in the basement. He was working on his newest bike. See he already has 2 others...I was standing there, amused. I asked him a few questions about the new bike, and in particular what the difference was with the other bikes. And then suddenly, out of the blue I got myself tangled in a conversation no knitter should put themselves into. I said "Do you think you have enough bikes?" Mr. SockPixie, stopped working on the bike, and with his striking, gleaming blue eyes, and a little smile, said "Do you think you have enough yarn?" Well he got me there. What was I to do, I have boxes of yarn everywhere, downstairs in the basement, in every closet, in every bag, in every basket.
All I could do was give no answer, just smile and climb back up the stairs...
Morality: Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!