Sunday, September 20, 2009

Still Natural!

This week, like last week, I continued to explore natural dyes. This time, walnuts, henna, annatto, and indigo were my companions. The walnuts gave me hours of fun! I love how they can give a myriad of brown shades, each one richer or subtler then the next. The annatto brought sunlight in my week. The yellows it produces range from a deep punpkin to a soft buttercup. They are so sunny! The henna gave me caramel tones so juicy it made me want to eat crem caramel all day! And there was the indigo. Now it was my first time doing indigo vat dyeing, and I loved it. It was a slow meditative process. I immersed the fibers slowly so as not to introduce any oxygen in the vat numerous times to reach the blue of my dreams. I will definitely explore indigo again. The vats are waiting in my studio as we speak.
Here is the Natural Collection:

I was so in love with the richness of this week's colorways that I started knitting argyle socks using the colors Dark Chocolate, Sand, and Pumpkin Pie. I will be doing my lines with a duplicate stitch but have not chosen the color.
The natural colors are glorious, and blend so well together. I love their subtle shadings. I find myself seating late at night promising myself and my husband that I will just knit one more row. But after that one more row, comes another and another...