Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Snow

I did tell you we enjoyed the snow, and I thought I'd share with you the happy faces of my little boys playing in the snow in our driveway. Meanwhile, I have been having fun shoveling the snow!


I must have become a true Californian during my 12 year stay there, because there is nothing like snow to make me jump out of bed, and, like a a 3 year old, jump up and down in front of the windows. Mind you, the big storm that was supposed to bring us feet of snow is only going to bring us a few inches, which is better that no snow at all. SO I AM HAPPY!

As a true Californian, I bundled up the children and off we went out in the cold and wind to see more snow. We took the T and decided to go to the Boston Commons.

When you go the Commons you are sure to see ducks ice-skating on the pond, policemen riding proud horses, people just standing there staring at the snow, and a caring person feeding the pigeons... and if I could only knit with my arctic gloves on, you'd find me there too, knitting my socks!