Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A World of Colors

When I was 13 years old, I became near-sighted. My parents, taking this very seriously immediately fitted me with glasses. Needless to say that I hated them! I did not hate them because of the way they made me look, but rather I felt that they had robbed me of my world. My world is not made of geometric lines, but rather resembles a Monet painting, composed of myriads of dancing colors.
Every morning, I would kiss my mother goodbye with my glasses on, and as soon as she closed the door, I would bury them in their case at the bottom of my school bag.
To this day, I live my life without glasses. My mother knows! And have no fear, I do not drive!
When I go for walks I see colors, colors everywhere. When I come home, my mind is full of their merry-go-round. I am so grateful I have yarn and dyes to paint my world! This skein will be called crocus. Crocus are always such a surprise when they pop up through the absolute white, striking green, golden yellow, and blue purple.