Saturday, May 23, 2009

Black Iris

I get my color inspirations from varied sources. Sometimes it is the work of a painter, sometimes a country, and at times the simplest thing can inspire a whole collection. This is exactly what happened this week.

I went for a walk in my lovely neighborhood of Boston, Jamaica Plain. Jamaica Plain is a sort of paradise. Imagine living in a great city, but instead of crowded dark buildings, and concrete everywhere, you have lovely victorian houses with gardens full of flowers, beautiful trees shading the streets, a great downtown with restaurants that serve delicious foods from all over the world, the best thrift store in town, Boomerangs, and of course the majestic Jamaica pond...But back to my walk.

I saw the most beautiful black iris in a garden, and got a rush of coloways passing through my head. I saw black and ruby, black and amethyst, black and tourmaline... I went home and started working... I wanted the colors to have both black and jewel tones, and I wanted smooth transitions. I opted for gradations from a practically pure jewel tone to the deepest black with a touch of jewel.
The results would make any black iris proud!

Enjoy this week's Black Iris Collection.