Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pixie Warmers FREE Pattern

This is a perfect night. The new fingerless gloves, the Pixie Warmers, are finished and I love them! The pictures are done. The pattern is typed , the soundtrack from Vicky Cristina Barcelona is playing in the background...

I had intended the Pixie Warmers to be a Christmas present for Miss. A., but as always, I let them be claimed by the recipient ahead of schedule!
Her verdict: she loves them. Isn't that the best feeling on earth when the person you knit for loves what you made?

The gloves as I said in an earlier post were the result of an obsession with EZ and her work. They are loosely based on the February Baby Sweater, in that they combine
gull lace and garter stitch. I like the simplicity of the garter, and how it really sets off the lace. I inserted only one 7 stitch repeat of the lace, thus letting it make its full impact.

For this project, I picked one of my own SockPixie hand-dyeds,a sport weight merino in a solid colorway. I like that the coloway is a soft plum color, and does not overpower the stitches. The slight natural variation in the dyeing only adds dimension to the gloves.

I gave a lot of thought to the construction of the gloves. I wanted the garter and lace to appear understated. I did not want any heavy borders. This is why the gloves start and end with the actual gull lace and garter, and are only delicately finished by a discrete picot edging. The underside of the hands is all garter.

For the first time I created a pdf file for the pattern instead of posting the pattern directly into the body of my post. I think it really adds to the clarity of the pattern. As always, the pattern is free. Click on the thumbnail below to download the pdf file.

I hope you will enjoy the pattern. Feel free to send comments if you have questions or to give me your feedback. I will do my best to answer your questions. Enjoy your Pixie Warmers!