Saturday, June 26, 2010

In Betweens

There is something about that time when I am in between projects. Yesterday night, very late, I finished work on the Cerise Baby Sweater. This morning I felt I needed a rest from knitting, but of course, as I sat there sipping my coffee, working with Mr. SockPixie on the design of the blog, my fingers slowly started to itch.

Swatching, I told myself is not really knitting. So off I went to my craft room, I picked up a periwinkle skein of Cotton Fleece, some size 6 needles, sat back down next to Mr. SockPixie, knitting and talking.

The first swatch: a P3 K1 rib.

Then a second swatch, same P3 K1 rib, but then came the fun, smocking with a contrasting red yarn.

I love the result. I am so excited to be working again. I guess my in between rest is finished. Off to work on a classic design...

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