Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Spinning

I like to spin on Sundays. Spinning seems to go so well with the relaxed pace of Sundays in the SockPixie family.

Spinning is the opposite of work, it is the opposite of hurried, it is the opposite of busy, it is the oppposite of quick, it is the opposite of a duty. Spinning feels like a vacation on a beach, slow, bright, soft like the sand running through one's fingers, it is sweetly musical, like the gentle ocean waves...

I have a chest full of rovings. I never really pick randomely which one to spin. I stand and look at the colorful display before I pick, until one roving draws my attention. Today, the deep reds and aqua with a touch of sunny yellow caught my eye.

I spun my favorite worsted weight singles, effortlessly drafting, relishing the play of colors on the winding bobbin.

Today's spinning was like taking a stroll in the hills of Trouville in Normandy, with brightly colored red and yellow flowers along the roads and being surprised to find, after a turn in the road, the aqua sea.