Thursday, April 11, 2013


The sweater for little L. is finished. I was not sure this morning that neither the weather nor little L. would cooperate for a little photoshoot, but the stars must have been smiling on me! It did not rain, and my adorable little man was in the mood to explore our still wintery back yard.

The sweater, which by the way he loves,  fits like a glove. I know for sure he loves it because right after we put it on, he rubbed his belly, and said "it's beau", mixing French and English as he often does, and beau of course meaning beautiful. It is fitted enough to be be modern, while still having enough ease, for easy play.

The neckline is big enough for the head to go through, and for the sweater to sit on the shoulders perfectly. There are no buttons as I wanted the whole sweater to be crocheted in the round. Who does not like a seamless project?!

I am really fond of the overlay work with the stripes and the diagonal  lines on the raglans. These diagonal lines really add definition to the raglans, highlighting the shaping by looking like a faux seam, and framing the oatmeal stripes.

I kept the back simple, without a yoke design, only highlighting the raglan shaping with some overlay lines. I really like this sweater, and the fact that it is not girly, making it perfect for little boys, though I am sure it would look equally nice on a little girl. I am thinking of offering it as a pattern? What do you think?