Friday, September 3, 2010

Innocence of Morning Lights

I love the light in the early morning. It seems to me that everything looks innocent in the morning. The colors are clear, yet muted, as if they were just waking up, and had not put on their full coat of intensity yet. Colors in the morning feel fresh and optimistic, full of the promise of a great day to come. I guess after the colorless darkness of the night, I find great joy in seeing colors again as I open my eyes.
I wanted to capture this feeling of fresh, optimistic innocence in a colorway. I worked on it yesterday afternoon. I dyed a single skein of Merino sock yarn in light, muted lavender, pink, sky blue and soft buttery yellow. The skein seems to glow... I called it Innocence.

I cannot tell you how much of a joy it has been for me to dye these unique skeins. I  am so fortunate that I can work with colors everyday, and that I can just let my imagination lead me to create these unique colorways for myself, and for you through Etsy.