Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Millinery Flowers from La Droguerie

While in Paris, I went to La Droguerie , the most beautiful craft store I have ever seen. There I bought some yarn and the most precious colorful velvet millinery flowers.
I found the little flowers at the far end of the store, so pretty in their little glass jars, catching the gentle sunlight that filtered through the nearby window.
I had been wanting to buy some for such a long time, but could not find any here in Boston. So when I saw them, my heart jumped, I grabbed a little straw basket and started picking the most colorful miniature bouquet.

I do not plan on making hats, though maybe who knows, one day I may try my hand at that too. I have been playing with different ideas, using them to create jewelry, headpieces, to adorn knitted garments, of for dresses.

For the time being, I am just enjoying looking at them... thinking about the yarn colorways they could inspire me to create...