Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Retro Cardi for Girls a Companion to the Retro Cardi for American Girl Dolls

I am done knitting the Retro Cardi for Girls, the companion sweater to the American Girl Doll Retro Cardi.

I basically kept it really close to the doll sweater, with the 2 lace panels on each side of the folded over button bands. I used the same technique as for the retro cardi for dolls, creating a clean sharp fold with slipped stitches.

I decided to make the sleeves a little shorter (way more practical for active little girls!)

I love how the lace pattern is showing up in the Cotton Classic.

I will pick buttons tomorrow. I have my eyes on some very retro, vintage looking clear green buttons... I am also looking forward to sewing the strawberry skirt!

I will work on the actual pattern, and sizing over the weekend. At least I hope so...