Sunday, March 15, 2009

SockPixie is Growing

SockPixie, thanks to your wonderful support has been growing. It has been growing so much that there were not enough hours in the day, inspite of all the pixie dust I sprinkled, for the dyeing, the packing, the e-mailing, and the blog writing to get done. I decided it was time to add a second pixie to the team. I am so excited to welcome her to SockPixie.

Treasures of North Africa

This week has been a soul searching week for some of the SockPixie family, and a time to reflect on, and reconnect with our origins. These moments of reflection, led me to think about my North African origins. My family, being Jewish, left Spain at the time of the Inquisition and settled in North Africa, and after living there of quite a few generations moved to Paris. My parents took me to visit Tunis, and Marrakesh. I decided to revisit these places in colors.

I hope you will enjoy the Treasures of North Africa Collection. The colorway at the center is called Feuille de Menthe after the famous Mint Tea served evrywhere in the region.