Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I have been shy...

I have been shy lately. I have been learning to spin, and in my usual way, refused to post anything about it. Why? Because, you guessed it, I am a perfectionist. I hate showing something that is not perfect. Mr. SockPixie thinks I am being silly, and he has been encouraging me to post about my progress...

I have been enjoying spinning beyond words. I love how relaxing it is, and how satisfying it is to see the bobbin fill up, and of course, to knit the handspun yarn.
Spinnning has become my treat. To congratulate myself for completing my work,I allow myself to spin.

To go back to the issue of perfectionism dicussed earlier, I have decided to listen to Mr. SockPixie, and post a picture of my imperfect handspun single.Here is what I just spun on my Louet Victoria, a 100% BFL roving, in the O'Keefe colorway Petunia.

I just dyed a Tencel roving that will be spun today, and plied with the petunia single tomorrow. I had a long debate with myself, about which color I would ply with it. I settled on a periwinkle blue semi-solid. I thought the periwinkle would bring out the purple, and once plied, the effect would be subtle yet enticing. I really like plying a variegated and a solid together. It seems to add subtlety to the variegated.

Maybe tomorrow, I will be able to show you the periwinkle solid. And I will force myself, no matter how imperfect it is!