Monday, August 17, 2009


I am an episodic blogger. Not that I really mean to be that way. It just happens. I post happily, whenever I do, but then days go by, and sometimes weeks, without a serious post, apart from my weekly color post on Sundays. The days, and weeks just seem to roll away from me...
I am having a great summer with good knitting, designing and dyeing luscious colors, lots of fun with the children going to the water park,dealing with an occasional virus, sewing darling summer dresses for myself mind you, going shopping, homeschooling, and going back to school to add a degree to my collection of degrees, a degree in interior design!
I guess I do believe in living to the fullest! This last year,as a matter of fact these last 3 years have been a challenge for me, with my miscarriage in February probably being the hardest, but I feel that I have learned so much about who I am, and what matters to me, and of course maybe simply that I matter.
I hope your summer is as good as mine. Why don't you share with me what you are doing?