Monday, January 12, 2015

fragonard free crochet cowl pattern

After finishing the writing of the building blocks pattern, I told you I had already started thinking about my next project. I had some yarn left from the sweater and wanted to make something that would require no more than 200 yards.
I went for a walk with my daughter, and during our walk I ran into a neighbor who told her she looked like a Fragonard painting.
We came home from the walk, and I knew what I was going to crochet a rushed cowl, that would re-interpret the beautiful gathers and drapes of the garments worn by the beautiful women Fragonard painted.

The pattern is a simple play on increases and decreases and uses only 2 stitches, single crochets and double crochets. There is really nothing to it. But the result is rich with texture.

The texture catches the light beautifully. It makes this cowl very special. You know what the best part is ? You can have it done in an evening of crochet. I crocheted it watching one of my favorite series, Downtown Abbey.

I am offering the pattern as a free pattern on Ravelry !

I hope you will enjoy crocheting Fragonard. One word of warning these cowls are addictive. I have already made 2!