Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wonderful Parrots

This week's SockPixie collection, the Parrot Collection was inspired by the cutest little parakeet, Boston Creme.
We found Boston Creme on our street last weekend. She was sitting terrified in a bush in a neighbor's driveway. I was able to coax her into sitting on my finger. We brought her back in the house, put her in a safe cage, and called the MSPCA. We gave them our contact information in case she was reported missing.

Boston Creme (as we nicknamed her)was incredibly friendly, and playful. We were falling in love with her. The morning after, we found an egg in her cage, and we were even more excited. We marveled at the perfection of the egg, the kids were completely mesmerized by this miracle. We all hoped (quietly) that no one would claim her, and that she would become our new family member.

Unfortunately, shortly after laying the egg, Boston Creme started acting sick. We ran to the Angell Animal clinic. The vet told us, that she had probably injured a chest bone when she got lost, and laying the egg broke the bone completely. She passed away. We all felt so sad.

After finding Boston Creme, and in the process of helping her, we read a lot about parakeets, and parrots, and parrot rescue. We looked at pictures of glorious colorful parrots, and I was inpired to create this week's Parrot Collection. Parrots are often misunderstood, and as a result abandoned, so I decided to do a little to help finding new homes for these wonderful beings, by donating 10% of this week's proceeds to a rescue organization called Foster Parrots. They do an amazing job welcoming, rehabilitating parrots of all kinds and sizes.

I hope you will enjoy the Parrot collection.