Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Knitting Archeology

I did get back to knitting the Rose Garden Socks yesterday, but along the way something else caught my attention. I really put things away in my room for the first time since we moved. I actually felt like I was an archeologist, digging through layers of history, and felt almost excited at the thought of unearthing a treasure! At one point, I saw the edge of a paper bag buried in the back of the closet. I dug, careful not to upset the content of the mystery bag. In it was an almost forgotten knitting project!

Before we moved, I had worked at designing an outfit for Skye's American Girl Doll, Kit. I knit the project with Frog Tree's Sport weight cotton in a cream color. The slippers were knit with a cream Pastaza by Cascade yarns and felted. The slippers were finished a while ago, but the outfit was not quite done. The pants needed to have the ends woven in, and the shirt needed to have its sleeves, and crochet edging.

So that's exactly what I did. I finished the project with little ribbons, in a beautiful lemongrass color. Where have I seen these colors?! Oh, yes, the Mother's Day Cotton Slippers! Once I get obsessed with a color, it shows up everywhere in my life! Let's just blame on the gorgeous New England spring.

I plan on making this pattern available as a free pattern, but I have to first review my Ancient Greek, as at the moment this is what my notes look like to me. Boy, do I love being an archeologist!
In the mean time you can enjoy the picture.