Friday, September 10, 2010

A Little Creativity

After a long day last night, I allowed myself the pleasure to create a little. The results were 2 beautiful 4 oz rovings, one inspired by Scottish tartans in tones of blues and greens. Such boldness always makes me smile.

The other, was at the opposite end of the spectrum.It is as subtle as the first roving was bold. It is inspired by the paintings of Chagall. Soft corals, aquas, almond greens and plum greys seem to echo the love in Chagall's paintings.

I just added these rovings to my Etsy Store. I am dyeing some glorious Worsted Merino in ochres today. I have been thinking of perfect yarns for the February Lady Sweater. (After I finish Mr SockPixie's socks, I will knit a February Lady Sweater.) I will show you tomorrow.