Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spinning Diary

I have been spinning even though I have not had that much time to post about it. I steel a few hours here and there to spin. When I spin, I lose myself. When I spin, the Mom, the business woman, the homeschooling parent, the wife recede, and for far too short an amout of time I am me, and I am just for me.
It is so easy for women to forget who they are as they try to be everything. When I spin, the motion of the wheel, the fibers steadily slipping between my fingers, the bobbin turning, all take me away. As soon as I sit, I let a big breath out, with the first pedal push, as if I was hypnotized, I am transported. I do not think about anything when I spin, I am entirely focused on the fiber,and the yarn I am creating. What do you feel when you spin?

Back to my spinning...
I recently created a colorway called Danaides inspired by a painting by Waterhouse. I knew the moment I dyed it that I would have to spin it. I felt so drawn by the colors. As soon as I had a moment, I grabbed a roving of it in the Finn.

The experience was marvelous. The Finn was so easy to spin. The long staple probably helped a lot. The yarn that came out of my fingers was so smooth. I loved the colors even more. I could not stop spinning. Before I knew it, I had spun half the roving.

I loved the colors so much that I decided that I would ply the yarn to itself. I wanted to keep the colors pure. I had to force myself to wait long enough before plying.

Then I plied... The result made me so happy. The yarn that resulted was soft, bouncy. And the colors...

I set the yarn and let it dry and just sat there admiring it. I have not yet knit with it. I have been carrying the skein with me everywhere I go. I have a special project in mind for it, a baby sweater design that I have been thinking of for some time. I just need to spin a few more skeins in compatible colorways!The sweater I have in mind is inspired by patchworks, and should be very forgiving to my novice uneveness.

Now I just have to dye the perfect roving to go with my danaides.

Thank you Leon Bakst

This week's SockPixie inspiration came from the costume designs of Leon Bakst (1866-1926). His costumes and colors have an exotic flair. The colors are bold, and contrasted which always is a lot of fun for me to work with.
Here is a sample collage of the colorway Zobeide:

Oh, and if you are wondering why there is no roving in the Iskander colorway, well let's just say that ice dams and frozen pipes can steel some of one's time!

Enjoy Bakst's colorways!