Monday, March 5, 2007

Another Day, Another Pair of Socks

All right, maybe another "day" is slightly extreme. It does take me a little more time than that to knit a pair of socks! My baby girl is modeling her new pair of simple stockinette socks. They were knit with Koigu Yarn, and they are a perfect shade of purple for my darling little pixie. I am working on another pair of socks for my husband, and that as we know will take me a little longer! I had to put the lace sock away temporarily, as I absolutely (uhm..) had to start designing a pair of socks with intricate color work.

It is not Fair...

No, it is really not fair. I was getting my daily dose of the yarn harlot, when what do I see on her site, that she will be visiting Petaluma's Copperfield's bookstore on June 7th. I JUST MOVED OUT OF PETALUMA!!!!!! I spent almost every free minute of my time at Copperfields... This is enough to make you wonder if the heavens are trying to send you a message. Should I move back to Petaluma? Well, I guess not, but I am disappointed that I will not get to hear her talk. I hope she comes to Boston soon though. In the mean time, my Petaluma friends I hope you all go see her, and have a great time.