Friday, October 19, 2012

The Gatsby Vest

I always find it hard to write after a long time with no writing. It is not the I have nothing to write about, just that my writing muscle is asleep, and my inner critic quite ready to strike down each and every sentence I write! But I am determined to share with you my progress on my new pattern, the Gatsby Vest. The knitting is done, the testing is done, and the pattern is undergoing its final editing. I find this the hardest stage, checking and rechecking. My favorite moments when I create a new design, are the moments when I get the inspiration for a new project, the actual knitting (I like to knit the project myself first to see how it feels), and then the photographing.

This was a very fun photo shoot with mr. L., my youngest son modeling. We had a lot of fun playing with pine cones, and running around in the playground. He did not seem too puzzled by the camera, as i you can clearly see! The great thing is that it also showed the vest in action.

 The vest covers the back and the tummy perfectly, and it is comfortable, while giving that classic touch I love so much for young children, and it is perfect for a boy. There are so many wonderful patterns out there for girls, but very few for boys. Not to say that it would not work for a girl, but the simplicity of the lines, details, and colors make it a perfect boy garment. After all, the Great Gatsby inspired the vest! One thing I really enjoyed about knitting the vest, was how easy and fast it was to knit. The contrast between the striped front of the vest, and the solid back, kept me entertained, and before I knew it I had a finished vest for mr. L. to enjoy! The fact that it is knitted using a worsted weight has something to do with how fast it knits up...

OK, back to work on the pattern. I will live you with my favorite picture of mr. L. wearing his vest.