Friday, February 12, 2010

Cute as a button!

The American Girl Doll sweaters are knit! I went and picked the buttons yesterday at Windsor Button in Boston.

I found exactly what I wanted, 1/4 inch buttons in colors matching the little sweaters: a soft green for the Jamieson's Sweater, and a coraly red for the Knitpicks sweater. I love the fact that the buttons are slightly iridescent. They look like little gems.

I don't know how you feel about it, but for me buttons are really important, they can make or break a sweater. Their color can sometimes play on the subtlety of the colors in the yarn, or highlight a delightful stitch. Buttons are just amazing!

I probably owe my fascination for buttons to my mother's button tin box. I am sure you mother had one too. As a child, I spent hours every Wednesday afternoon rummaging through the buttons, delighting at the sounds they would make as my hand dug deeper and deeper,and swooshed them to find the one perfect little treasure I had been dreaming of. I would categorize them, and engage in active trade with imaginary customers. I would spread my collection all over my mother's bed, even though I had been clearly told not to do so. But isn't your mother's bed the only place to sell buttons to imaginary customers? After hours of playing, and shortly before my mother's return, I would reluctantly put all the buttons back in the tin box. I would vaguely straighten the blankets to erase all traces of my activities.

I am sure my mother was never fooled, in particular when on Wednesday nights as she was getting into bed, she would find some forgotten buttons...

I have a button tin box of my own now, and little Miss SockPixie spends hours swooshing, digging, and trading...secretly of course...on my bed...