Thursday, January 8, 2015

a new life

If someone had told me last year where I would be today, I would not have believed them. Our lives have changed completely. We changed our lives completely.

We sold our home in Boston, left our jobs, and moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. We dropped our belongings in our new 1930's cottage. We helped our college son settle in our new home.

But this was not the major change. We bought a sailboat. Rolfe and I decided to live our dream or traveling and living most of the time on a sailboat with our younger homeschooled children. We looked at many boats until we found her in Beaufort, South Carolina. For those of you who sail, she is a Catalina 28. She is not huge, but she is enough for us. We named her Lucy. Here she is on a frosty morning. Excuse her appearance she had just woken up and had not tidied up yet!

A couple weeks ago we started going back up the ICW. What a wonderful trip. I saw landscapes like I had never seen. At times we anchored at night, and at times we docked in a marina.

The most memorable sight were a foggy sunset in Georgetown.

I am in awe of sunsets on the water. This one I saw as we were getting close to home on the Cape Fear river.

There is nothing like crocheting on the deck, sitting in the sun while your husband is navigating. I did quite a bit of work on my new sweater pattern. The testing is almost complete.

For now, we are back home, on land, enjoying time with our oldest son. This will give me time to publish my new pattern. We have not decided where we will be going next. I guess the winds will decide...