Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Cerise Baby Sweater

 told you, knitting the Cerise Baby Sweater was a little addictive. Last night I needed a break from my work on another secret project. Another Cerise Baby Sweater was just the break I needed. Plus I have an excuse for knitting another one, one of my students in the French Class I teach is going to be a grandmother in the fall. I will give the sweater to her. This makes knitting another baby sweater completely necessary!

I had some left over yarn I dyed with natural dyes. Most were little odds and ends in golden tones, and I had a little more in a lovely steel blue grey.
I arranged the golden tones in a crescendo of intensity. The yellow would be perfect for the yoke, and the blue grey for the body.

I put on a movie, Madame de... by Max Ophüls... and I knit. The pattern is so easy I can almost knit with my eyes closed. Actually I just kept them open so I could watch the movie!

By the end of the movie, I was practically done. I finished the sweater this morning.

Now it is back to my secret project... That is until I need another break!

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