Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Relaxing Crochet

I am making real progress on the American Girl Doll Sweater pattern . The pattern is written and is being tested before a final editing. I expect the pattern will be ready sometime over the coming weekend. I am going to pick buttons tomorrow, and I am going to spend some time brushing the hair of the dolls, and playing with different outfits...of course the only reason I am "playing" with the doll is for the pictures! ;)

My knitting has been so focused lately that I needed a relaxed easy project. Crochet granny squares are exactly what I need when the knitting gets intense. I can just crochet a couple a day, and eventually I will have enough for a blanket!

I found the cutest pattern for floral granny squares on the beautiful blog Rosehip.

I had some Cornucopia yarn by Kollage in my stash, in bright cheerful colors. So there we go, here are the first 3 squares...

These little flowery squares make me smile. I think they could cheer up anybody's day, don't you?