Monday, March 23, 2009

Go with the Flow Socks FREE PATTERN

The Go with the Flow Socks pattern is ready. As always I did my best to avoid mistakes, but these can still happen. Please let me know if there is any problem with the pattern. As you know, SockPixie has a new helper, which means that I will be able to answer your questions much faster, so feel free to contact me any time.

In the pattern you will notice that I do not give you an exact number of stitches to cast on. Rather, I tell you to cast on a multiple of 4. What that means is that you can really knit the sock for the intended person. Measure the ankle of the person, round that down to the nearest multiple of 4, and times it by your gauge. For example, if he person's ankle is 10", round that down to 8, then multiply 8 by your gauge per inch, which in the case of this sock should be 8, and you get 64. You should therefore cast on 64 stitches. I prefer to round down as this makes for a sock with a better body on the leg. This sock also has a lot of horizontal stretch because of the zigzag rib, so it is better to cast on a smaller number. Throughout the pattern, you will find instructions that will help you make a sock with a perfect fit.

You can click on the picture below to download the pdf pattern of the Go with the Flow Socks.

Happy Knitting!