Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Well, here I am

Today, a friend of mine gave me this lovely picture of my husband and myself. We had a great time that evening. My friend threw a great party in her backyard. There were people from all over the world, my husband of almost 16 years was at my side, I felt so at home.

For those of you who have not met me, you can now put a face with SockPixie, and Mr. SockPixie!

I had to say something...

I know I have a knitting blog. But just for amoment, I need to talk about the world that I live in. You all know what I am getting to. I want to say a word about the presidential primaries. No, I am not going to tell you who I like or don't like, because I believe this is a private matter. I just want to share with you my dismay at the fundamentally flawed election process.
I am a resident of Massachusetts, and will be voting in February, knowing the outcome of the primaries for other states. Whether I support the outcome, or disagree with it, I am bound to vote in reaction to it. My vote will not be impartial. It seems many people do not see a problem, and say they are not influenced, but then why would the news be using using words like building on the momentum, and why would political scientists refer to a bandwagon effect?
A truly democratic election would have us all vote on the same day, and would not disclose any results until the last polling booth had closed. Other countries do it, so why can't we?

Klimt Socks (Free)

Here is tha pattern for the Klimt socks. If you have never done any fairisle work, this is very gentle way to be introduced to it. The golden rule is keep it loose, in particular when going from one needle to the next. The floats should allow the stiches to lie flat.
Have fun!

Klimt Socks

Materials: SockPixie 100% Machine Washable Merino, 425 yards, 2 skeins 1 dark like Pynion Jay, and one contrast like Bluender Garten
Needles: 2 24" US 1 Circulars.

Stitch Pattern:

The dark color will be referred to as D, and the contrast as C.
Here is the pattern you will be repeating for the leg.
R1, and following rows: *K2 with D, K4 with C* Repeat from *


Cast on 66 stitches. Divide stitches 34 on one needle, and 32 on the other. Join round.
Knit in K2, P2 rib for 1".
Switch to the fairisle stitch pattern for the desired length.

You will be workin the heel flap on 34 stitches.

Heel flap:

You will be workin the heel flap on 34 stitches.
Follow these 2 rows for the heel:

R1(WS):SL1, P to end
R2: SL1, *K1, SL1 * Repeat from*

Repeat these 2 rows 19 times(total 38 rows)

Heel Turn:

R1: SL1, K until 13 stitches are left, SSK, K1, turn
R2: P until 13 stitches are left, P2TOG, P1, turn
Continue as follows:
R1: Knit till 1 stitch before the gap, SSK, K1, turn
R2: Purl till 1 stitch before the gap, P2TOG, P1, turn

Continue until all stitches are consumed and the heel is turned.

Knit 1 row.
You will be knitting the whole foot with D in stockinette stitch..

Pick up stitches along the side of the heel flap. Pick up one stitch at the intersection of the heel flap and the instep, knit half the stitches for the top of the foot . Put this needle to rest, and switch to needle 2. Continue the rest of the instep. Pick up one stitch at the intersection of the instep and the heel flap. Pick up stitches along the heel flap, knit half the heel stitches.

Gusset :

Place markers for the gusset as follows. Starting from the middle of the instep count 16 stitches and place a marker, do the smae for the other needle. To shape the gusset follow these 2 rounds:

R1: Knit until 3 stitches on the marker,SL marker, K2TOG, K1, knit on instep,SL marker, K1, SSK, knit to end.
R2: Knit.
Repeat these 2 rows until 64 stitshes are left. Because the sole is knit in stockinette, the sizing needs to be adjusted by reducing the total number of stitches. You will have 32 stitches on each needle.

Continue knitting in stockinette with D until the foot is the desired length.


The toe will be knit in stockinette stitch. YOu should have 1 marker on each needle at the hafway point, 16 stitches on each side.
R1: *K to 3 stitches of marker, SL marker, K2TOG, K1, SSK, knit to end of needle* repeat on Needle 2
R2: Knit

Repeat R1 and R2 for 1 inch, knitting 1 less stitch before and after the decrease stitches. Then Repeat R1 still knitting 1 less stitch before and after the decreases, until 7 stitches are left on each needle.
Rearrange the stitches so that they are not in profile any more.
Close the toe using the kitchener stitch.

Copyright 2007, Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer. This pattern is for personal use only.