Saturday, February 20, 2010

Knitting Romi's Brandywine Shawl

I was so happy to be dyeing yarn last week, that I had to dye a skein just for me, and I had the perfect project in mind for it, Romi's new Brandywine shawl pattern.
Romi's shawl called for one skein of sock yarn. I dyed a skein of Sunset over the Piazza in a Merino blend. I wanted the shawl to look like the sun reflecting in the windows of Florentine buildings, giving coppery glows. The delicate Monet color touches seem to only add to the lace pattern.

I love the pattern. Romi did an amazing job. The pattern is fluid, and the design classic, understated yet striking. Romi wrote very clear instructions, and provided charts. I could not be happier with it. (She is also donating a very substantial amount of the proceeds of the sale of the pattern to help Haiti.)

I have just finished working on this week's SockPixie colorways, the Berry colorways. I have already dyed one extra skein for me to knit another Brandywine. (I will show you tomorrow when I update the SockPixie shop...)