Sunday, July 26, 2009

Red, red everywhere!

This week all about red, the new red couch cover, and all the reds I have created over the last 2 years.
I looked back, and decided to bring back some special reds for a special encore, and of course called the collection the Red Collection.

Here is the one I called Red and that's it!

I ho[e you enjoy the red collection

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yarn, roving, and now fabric!

For the first time this week, I am offering my colorways in yarn, roving, and now fabric. I have to say that it was great fun to see the colorways come to life in the tie dyed fabrics.
I hope you will enjoy the boldness of the One Thousand and One Nights collection .


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Handspun Sushi!

Yesterday evening was lovely, the air was soft and sweet, and after all these weeks of rain it was paradise. I took my spinning will to the front porch, asat on the steps and spun.

I chose 2 rovings (one merino/ tencel, the other alpaca) in similar colors, but one with a warm hue, and the other with a cold. The result after plying today makes me think of a sushi platter with salmon, ginger, wasabe and a little bit of rice!3 delicious skeins!

Now what to do with my sushi yarn apart from staring at it?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Insomnia and Creativity

Contrary to what one would expect, there is a benefit to insomnia. Now I do not suffer from it often, but the other night, there was a thunderstorm raging outside, and my mind was racing. I quietly tiptoed out of my bedroom, and settled in the living room. I tried to read, but could not focus. My knitting was on the bedside table, and I did not want to bother Mr. SockPixie. So I went to the "school room" (which is where we homeschool)and took some paper and a pencil, and I started sketching... By midnight I had something, a pixie sitting on a mushroom and knitting socks! By chance my embroidery box was in the living room. I took a piece of cotton in a natural tone, picked some brightly colored threads, and started stitching.

A few hours later, as the storm started to abate, I was practically done, and ready for sleep. I put the finishes last night, and here she is now!

Isn't she so SockPixie, bubbly, and colorful? Now what to do with her? My little daughter wants her as a pillow on her bed, and I would like her to become the pretty side of a sock knitting project bag. I will probably make the design available to you as well as a pdf.

Who knew insomnia could lead to so much embroidery fun!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

How about an Orchid Garden?

Mr. SockPixie brought me a beautiful orchid this week, and it made me so happy that the orchid beame my inspiration for an imaginary orchid garden.
I decided to include a soft buttery yellow core to all my colorways to illuminate them, and to have a dominant color radiate from from that core gradually intensifying.
Dyeing the yarn was great fun, as I marveled at the interaction of the core yellow and the dominant tone.
Here is a little sample of the Orchid Collection.
A plumelicious Plum Orchid!

Here is it roving version (yes roving is back!)

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here is the Handsome Boy!

I thought you might want to see the famous Kitredge. Here is the baby boy looking all comfy. We are so happy he is feeling better!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Catching Up

Tha last few days have all been about catching up. I am really happy though that I was able to take care of Kitredge. You see, about a year ago, almost week for week, we lost our cat, Miche. I swore that I would not get another cat unless one came to the door, and this is exactly what happened, Kitredge came to our door. We took him in of course. He was on his way to becoming a mature boy, when out of the blue, he decided to jump from the third floor of the house to the second right over the stairwell, and he missed, and landed on the first floor. We heard the most horrific cry, we rushed. We quickly realized that something was really wrong. I packed him in the carrier, and ran (we do not have a car, and even if we did, I would not know what to do with it as I do not know how to drive) to the Angell Animal Hospital. After x-rays were taken, the doctor confirmed that he had a broken femur. She gave us options, amputation, surgery to repair the leg, or putting him down. I stopped her immediately and told her we would opt for the surgery. The vet was absolutely wonderful, and helped me reduce the very high costs, by letting me take on a lot of the before and after surgery care.
We emptied a room completely of any furniture so that he could have a space to rest without being tempted to jump. We set him up with a comfy large cushion. We tried the cone to prevent him from chewing the stitches, and licking the Fentanyl patch, but he is a very smart cat, and could take it off in the blink of an eye. So we sat next to him, handfeeding him, and watering him.
He is much better now, and can feed himself on his own, which means that my life is back to almost normal. I have spent the last few days packing and packing and packing orders, and going to the post office.
All this also made me realize that I cannot do everything. I realize I have to use tools that can help simplify my life, like scheduling a post office pick up instead of carrying 50 packages to the post office! So from now on, I will have 2 post office pick ups every week, one on Tuesday and one on Friday. So orders received from Friday to Monday will ship on Tuesday, and orders received from Tuesday, to Thursday will ship on Friday.
Isn't it typical though, that a Mom would try to do everything?!

Missing in Action

I have gone missing in action, I know! Thank you all for the well wishes for the cat. Kitredge, the crazy jumper had his surgery to repair his broken femur. He is now recovering at home. It has been a lot of work keeping an eye on him, and the dreaded Fentanyl patch. But I am now back at work, and I am sorry if I have not answered your email yet, but I am getting through the list... and of course I should resume posting on the blog really soon.