Monday, February 12, 2007

Of Knitting Socks, and Cleaning Bathrooms

Yesterday was Sunday, and Sunday is a big day for me. I clean bathrooms, of which we now have 3! As I woke up, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, it almost felt like spring, minus a few degrees. I thought, maybe I won't clean...Maybe I could just sit in my comfy lounge chair, and knit Rolfe's socks... No, no, no...I thought. Come on Caroline, there has to be something good about cleaning bathrooms! And then, I had a great new idea, what if I tried to see common points between cleaning bathrooms, and knitting socks. I proceeded to make a mental list of the resemblance.
Actually, it is really not that far fetched. You knit socks for yourself or for others. It is a gift of love. You clean bathrooms for yourself and for others, and it is very appreciated. You can knit socks in many ways. You can knit them with dpts, or circulars. You can clean a bathroom with a scrubby, or a sponge, you can use liquid cleaner, powdery cleaner, or foam. You can knit socks, from the top or from the toe, and there are many possibilitites for the heel. You can knit a short row heel, a flap heel, an after thought heel. It is the same with bathrooms. You can start with the bathtub, and finish with the toilet, or vice versa, etc... I was already feeling better about cleaning the bathrooms. It was not all that bad. So for safety, I decided to conjure up a few more positive associations. When you decide to knit a sock, you go to your stash, or go to the store and you pick the yarn. Well, when you need to clean the bathroom, you go to your cleaning product stash, or to the market, to get your materials. I thought, not bad! So I carefully got up, as if I was afraid a brusk movement would make me lose my good thoughts. I went to my cleaning product stash. I picked a light yellow bottle, deep yellow gloves, a teal blue scrubby, a green smooth sponge, and an oatmeal wiping cloth. The palette was fantastic! I entered the first bathroom, ready to make magic, I decided I would start with the tub, I sprinkled some yellow product, and as I started rubbing, like a souffle, my enthusiasm collapsed. No matter how much you work on a bathroom, no matter how much you scrub, the bathroom only goes from a filmy white to a white! Whereas a sock, is a colorful wonder... Reds, yellows, blues, greens, and every color in between... So I put the cleaning products back in the stash, and went to sit on my lounge chair, with Rolfe's socks, and I thought I'll never like cleaning bathrooms, at least not until they invent a cleaning product that changes the bathroom colors, or stripes!!!


drmimi said...

Cleaning bathrooms-- not my fave activity either especially with a 10 year old son.

Last week's Aqus Cafe Knitting Circle had 11 participants including two 7 year old girls just learning to knit.

Many refugees from Philato days including a woman who used to work at the "other downtown knitting store" who is a whiz at knitting. Makes the most amazing socks. She came with a friend who is a committed felter and eclectic knitting.

I am finding the best community in this little circle. In two weeks a new circle will begin on Tuesday afternoons with the Canadians from "philosophers wool" doing Aran knitting. I may have to rework my consulting schedule to attend.

CDH said...

All this sounds absolutely fabulous. Mimi, if the great knitter who is in the group is the one I think, she is absolutely fabulous at knitting socks, and maybe she could help start you on socks. Socks are, in my opinion the most meditative of knitting projects. That is once you get the hang of it.


Anonymous said...

Hello Caroline,
This is VĂ©ronique from Bolinas. I'm glad to see you're settling well in Boston.
Last month I spent 10 days at Marin General with my husband and left with Charles (thank God) and a new pair of socks. For some reason I too find knitting socks very gratifying, especially under stress.
Is there still a French knitting group in Petaluma? I still hope to go one day.
All the best,


CDH said...

Hi Veronique,

I am soory to hear your husband had to be in the hospital, and yes I agree socks are the most gratifying of knitting projects. When I feel stressed, or worried, I just have to grab my socks, and start the process of knitting around and around these little rounds, and I slowly feel myself unwind... I will check into the French group, and I will let you know...
It is so nice to hear from you. Take care and happy socks!