Friday, April 6, 2007

Between Boston and le Mont St Michel

Good morning Boston! This is what I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs in the morning on my deck as I take in my first breath of fresh air, and look in the distance. See, I stand on the deck in my pj's because I need a little help with the getting up at 5 routine. So one single breath of that CRIIIIISP morning air, and I am awake. Ok it is beautiful too, and it is worth the cold air, and I love the thought of greeting Boston every morning. Boston is not just a proper noun, it is alive. It has its own heartbeat made up of the thousands of hearts that beat in it, its thought is the thoughts of its people combined. Today, I know Boston will smile, because the sun has come back. Boston will smile at the Crocus that are starting to pop up everywhere like little colorful Jack in the box pantins. The city will laugh like thousands of children running and playing in the gardens and playgrounds, "she" will enjoy its lunch in the Boston Commons listening to the songs of the birds. Today, Boston will wear all its jewels, sparkling diamonds, glistening gold, deep saphires, all this over a simple garb, but I know that in a few weeks she will put on the most beautiful dress of emerald spring, adorned with jewels of pink tourmaline, citrine, peridot, ruby, amethist, garnet...
In a few weeks I'll take the sock and the children to the park. The children will play, run and scream, while the sock and I will sit together and enjoy the air, and the sun.
Actually, we may give it a try today, I feel like taking the children to the Boston Commons after school, and letting them run around duck pond and feed the ducks, while the lace sock and I make some progress in our work. The ostrich feather pattern is so much fun that I had a hard time stopping last night to prepare dinner, which meant that it was omelette night! But it was a fantastic omelette. I mean you really have to try this. The taste was just like the one of the mere Poulard's omelettes on the Mont St Michel.

So for now Omelette a la Mere Poulard:

You will need 2 eggs per person. Break the eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. Add a pinch of salt to the whites, and beat them into stiff peaks. Beat the yolks slightly. Pour the mixed yolks over the whites, and with a fork, gently incorporate the yolks into the whites, until the two are blended. You should have something like a light yellow egg mousse.
Take a non-stick pan, butter the pan evenly, warm it up, and transfer the egg mousse to the pan, spread it into the pan. Cook on a medium to low fire. Once the bottom is cooked, insert a spatula under the omelette, and fold one half over, continue cooking it a little, then turn it over. Et voila! You now are ready to enjoy "Une Omelette a la Mere Poulard". Serve immediately, with some delicious crusty French baguette, and some Edith Piaf, and I promise that if you close your eyes, you might even believe that you are in France on the Mont St Michel!

Let me know what you think.


drmimi said...

At least I have my blog up and running..

Pictures and links to follow...


CDH said...

Dear Mimi,

I think it is so beautiful to hear that we all share something with a grandma or an ant, or a special person. Your ant must have been a wonderful woman.