Thursday, April 12, 2007

DPTS or Circulars, the Question!

Today was a hell of a rainy day in Boston, and to celebrate I decided to take the children out to visit a yarn store in downtown Boston, called Windsor Button. Before I continue with my very philosophical debate on the merits of either types of needles, I want to say a few words about this store. The store is huge, and has a great selection of yarns, from the simplest cottons, to the most luxurious silks, like sea silk, from the thinnest lace yarn to the thickest yarns, etc... They have enough of the yarns in each colorway to knit a big project, and I have to say they have a wonderful color selection. They also carry zillions of buttons. The part that delighted my children the most was playing in the huge button box, shuffling the millions of buttons. It turned out to be a little less fun, when they dropped many of them on the ground! The staff was great, even at that moment!

I did not buy yarn, because I was afraid the house might sink into the ground if I added just a single ball of yarn to my collection! Rather, as I was browsing the needles, I decided to purchase short bamboo dpts in size 1. Me buying dpts? Not only did I buy them while sober, I actually thought that it would be cool to try them out. So I rushed the kids to the nearest fast food restaurant, and transfered my sock to the dpts. By the time I was done with my bigmac, the sock was back on the circulars, and the dpts were returned to their package. It is always a good idea to carry toothpicks in your bag, isn't it?

I know the great Yarn Harlot hates knitting socks on circulars but there are many advantages to them. Nothing pokes you while you knit. I hate being poked. It reminds me way too much of when my violin teacher used to poke me with a knitting needle to punish me for wrong movements! With the circulars you only have two potential ladder spots. Not being a firefighter, I have no need for ladders. With the circulars, you do not drop 10 stitches at once when your lovely children decide to suddenly hug you before you even have time to yell wait, and put your knitting down. If I were Kung Fu I might love the thought of being able to break wood sticks at the touch of my fingers, but since I am not, I have no particular fancy for that hobby! Can you tell I am slightly partial to circulars?

As it was still raining, and the sock, the circulars and I needed some quality time after the dpt fiasco, we decided to make a stop at Borders. The children grabbed their favorite books, while I apologized profusely to the circulars, promised eternal allegiance to them, and begged them to treat me and the sock nicely!


drmimi said...

Remember that spring day when you opened my eyes to circular needles? A revelation. Faster knitting and easier for me to keep track.

Looking forward to the double circular experience. I do too much knitting on the run to use dpn's. Also have the nasty habit of things sticking into my waist from my bags (yes time for me to make my own heavy duty bags with the proper pockets and closures).

Your pictures of Boston are making me yearn for a trip to the east coast. I spent most of my teen years in Chicago planning to attend college in the Boston area- ended up in Philadelphia instead (another culturally rich place).

Missing the history, museums, sights and smells-- even the testy drivers and abrupt train riders! My son is growing up a country boy (Central Valley and Sonoma County). I think he needs some big city culture to round things out. California cities may be big but they don't have the same cache as cities in the midwest or on the east coast.

Guess that is why there are trains, buses, planes and cars:)

Marigold said...

Okay, I can agree with all your arguments against dpns (LOL) but I'm not going to switch. my dpns have personality! and the loop of the circs waving around drives me batty :)

CDH said...

Dpts definitely have personality, but I am afraid dpts and I have personality conflicts! :) Between you an me, the thing that drives me batty about circulars is the endless clickety of the needles on the table as I knit. But shush don't let the circs know that I said that, or they might retaliate!

Caroline the SockPixie

CDH said...

Dear Mimi,

Boston is a city with a soul, and I am enjoying every minute of it. Have fun with the circs.

Caroline the SockPixie