Monday, April 23, 2007

Knitting Queue and Mole Work

Yesterday turned out as nice as the day before, warm and sunny, and it is supposed to be around 80 degrees today. I did some gardening yesterday, and am planning on doing some today. I am going to satin the deck this afternoon, but shush, that's a surprise for Rolfe.

Knittingwise, things are going great. I did knit for a few hours yesterday while at the Knitsmiths group, so part one of the Mother's Day gift is finished. I'll work on part two today, and I might do a part three. Here is a picture on the lovely Mission Falls cotton I am using for the project in ivory and lemon grass colors. The rose garden sock is on hold for the moment. The Harry Potter socks are third in the knitting queue.

I did find the perfect yarn for the Harry Potter socks at A Good Yarn in Brookline . The store has a great selection of fine gauge yarns that can be used for all kinds of socks! My son, Paul-Hugo has flute lesson close by every week, so every week we visit the store, and there always seems to be something new for me to knit! It did take quite a bit of searching to find the perfect yarn for the H. P. socks, but I am so happy with what I found, that it was definitely worth the effort.

You have no idea how hard it is to find a gold and a maroon in the same gauge. If a company makes a maroon then they don't make the gold, and vice versa. Then you think you've got it, you've found the colors, you look for another ball of the maroon so that you don't run out, and there are none left... Knittting is only 1/3 knitting, the other 2/3 are really mole work, as when you blindly reach deep inside cubbies and baskets, tunneling to find the right ball of yarn!

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