Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Celebration (Free Sock Knitting Pattern)

I have great news. My new knitting adventure with my daughter Alexandra has started. You can now find our collection of hand painted sock yarns at I hope you will come visit, and look at our beautiful colors. To celebrate the opening, here is a simple but fun new sock pattern with the loveliest mock cable, using one of our most cheerful colors: Cantaloupe. I will name the pattern Celebration. The mock cable was inspired by Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns. The fun thing with a mock cable, is that it looks, and feels like a cable, bu there is no need for a cable needle, the trick is done by slipping stitches.

Materials: 1 skein SockPixie Sock Yarn in color Cantaloupe
Needles: US 1
Gauge: 8 sts/inch


R1: P2, *K4,P4* Repeat from * to *, end P2
R2: P2, *(SL1, K1, YO, PSSO) twice, P4* Repeat from * to * end P2.(Pass slipped stitch over K1, and the YO. To do so when you YO bring the yarn to the fron of your work and over the right needle towards the back. Once the PSSO is done, you should have 2 stitches close together, held by a slipped stitch at the base.)
R3: P2, *K4, P4*, Repeat from * to * end P2
R4: P2, *K1, SL1, K1, YO, PSSO, K1, P4* Repeat from * to * end P2
R1 to R4 form the pattern


Cast on 64 (72) stitches. Divide stitches: Circular method 32(36) on each for circulars// 4 dpts 16, 16, 32 (18, 18, 36) // 5 dpts 16 on each (18 on each) //
Join round.
Knit in K2P2 rib for 1 1/2"

Continue in stitch pattern over the desired length for the leg.


You will be working on only half the stitches 32(36).
R1: Knit to the last 2 stitches, wyif slip next stitch, bring yarn to back, and slip wrapped stitch back to left needle. Turn.
R2: Purl to the last 2 stitches, wyinb slip next stitch, bring yarn back to the front, slip wrapped stitch back to left needle.
R3: knit to 1 stitch before the last wrapped stitch, wrap the stitch as above, turn.
R4: Purl to 1 stitch before las wrapped stitch, wrap stitch, turn.
Repeat R3 and R4 until 14 stitches remain unwrapped at the center of your heel.
Continue shaping the heel as follows:
R1: Knit to the wrapped stitch, knit the wrap together with the stich, and wrap the next stitch by wyif slipping the next stitch, bringing the yarn to the back and returning the wrapped stitch back to the left needle, and turn.
R2: Purl to the wrapped stitch, purl stich an wrap together through the back loops, wrap next stitch by wyib slipping the next stich, bringing the yarn back to the front, and slipping the wrapped stitch back to the left needle
R3: Knit to the wrapped stitch, slip wrapped stitch to right needle, with left needle pick up the 2 wraps, and place the on the right needle. Slip the 2 wraps and the stitch back to the left needle, and knit the 3 together. Wrap next stitch as above, and turn.
R4: Purl to the wrapped stitch, slip the wrapped stitch to the right needle. With left needle pick up the wraps and place them on the right needle. Transfer the wraps and the stitch one by one back to the left needle, and purl the 3 together through the back loop. Wrap the next stitch. Turn.
Repeat R3 and R4 until all stitches are aconsumed. The first and the last stitch on the needle will each have 1 wrap, which you will knit together on the first round of the rest of you sock.


Start knitting in the round again over the 64(72) stitches, keeping the pattern going on top of the foot, and knitting in stockinette for the sole. Make sure to pick up the wraps for the 2 stitches, and knitting wrap and stitch together during the first round.
Continue Knitting in the round with pattern on top, and stockinette on sole, until the foot is the appropriate length.


Circular Method
R1: K1,SSK, knit to the last 3 stitches on needle, K2tog, K1. Repeat on next needle.
R2: Knit
Repeat R1 and R2 for 1 inch, then repeat R1 only until there are 8 stitches left on each eedle.
Using the kitchener stitch, graft the toe closed.

Work stitches on needle 1. New begininng of round. Instep on needle 1, and sole on needles 2 and 3.
Needle 1: K1, SSK, knit to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1
Needle 2: K1, SSK, knit to end
Needle 3: Knit to,last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1
R2: Knit
Repeat as for circular method until 8 stitces are left. Graft toe.

Work stitches on needle. New beginning of round.Instep on needle 1 and 2, sole on needle 3 and 4.
Needle 1: K1, SSK , knit to end
Needle 2: Knit to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1
Needle 3: Same as needle 1
Needle 4: Same as needle 2
Repeat as for circular method until 8 stoitches are left. Graft toe.

For personal use only. Copyright, Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer, 2007.


twellve said...

pretty socks! btw, the link in your post to is broken.

SockPixie said...

Thank you for the comment, and pointing out the broken link. I think it is now fixed.

Happy Knitting!

Caroline, the SockPixie

Anonymous said...

Caroline and Alexandra,

How exciting! Best of luck to you on your new venture. I've ordered a few skeins (hard choice) and can't wait to get them. I will definitely start my next pair of socks with one of them.
Mary in Petaluma

SockPixie said...

Dear Mary,

Many thanks to you. I hope you love the yarn.

Caroline and Alexandra, the SockPixies

Anonymous said...

Hi, I cant see the pic to your sock pattern, but can see your other pics...

Wool Winder said...


Good luck to you and your daughter with this new business. All of the colors are so beautiful, it's hard for me to decide which is my favorite. I'm drawn to Cornucopia and Walnut, but may order Cantaloupe just because I don't have anything like it my stash.

Also, thanks for your nice comments on my blog.


SockPixie said...

Dear Tracy,

Thank you for the post. See you in Knitting Land!

Caroline, the SockPixie

SockPixie said...

To the person who is having problems seeing the picture,

I am not sure why that is, and it seems to be an isolated problem. I will ask my husband to look into it. Thank you letting me know.

Caroline, the SockPixie

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, drool-worthy yarn! (And, oh yeah, the pattern is lovely too!) I have bookmarked this site for the next time I can splurge on sock yarn. Best wishes...

SockPixie said...

Thank you for the commment, and warm wishes.
Have fun knitting!

Caroline, the SockPixie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Alexandra. Mary said she ordered some of your yarn and I can't wait to see her colors. Then I will be placing my own order.

Mary and I went to see the Yarn Harlot last night at Copperfields. She is a hoot! After the talk we waited 2 hours in line to have her sign our books and we took pictures with her and her travel sock. While we waited we were talking about how much we miss hanging out at Philato. We really miss all your various knitting nights.

Best of luck to you in this new chapter of your life!

SockPixie said...

Dear Laura,

Thank you for the warm wishes. It is great you got to see the Harlot. I miss hanging out with all of you too.

Hugs to you and Emily

Caroline, the SockPixie

Orghlaith said...

This is a beautiful sock. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

Mary said...

Love your's giving me courage to actually make the socks that I bought the needles and yarn for last week. For now, they're sitting on my desk...mocking me and my sock-making fear. :o) Will be back often to see your beautiful yarn and knitted things.

SockPixie said...

Hi Mary,

Socks are great to make, fast, and so portable. I hope you get started on them. Check back soon as I have a plan to help people learn to make socks.

Caroline, the SockPixie

Romi said...

Very nice socks! Thank you for the gorgeous free patterns!

Sockpixie said...

Dear Romi,

Thank you very much for the nice comment.
Happy knitting!

Caroline, the SockPixie

Anonymous said...

This is a great pattern Caroline. I am nearly at the point were I am going to the heel. Yeah. Then I can finish my swap sock. I will be able to move onto buying "Pixie" yarn so I can knit another pair of socks.

Take care Kathleen

SockPixie said...

Hi Kathleen,

I am glad you like the pattern. Thanks for the post.

Take care too.


Anonymous said...

I started knitting these 2 days ago. These are very literally my first pair of socks ever. You write wonderfully! I have finished the heel and am now working on the foot. Thanks so much for such a wonderful and easy to understand pattern. I did think I did the heel wrong but the woman at my yls told me it was supposed to be like that. I can't wait to finish up a mate and then start on the cornicopia sock.

Wendy in CO said...

This is such beautiful yarn! Do you still sell it? I know this is from a number of years back!