Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fly Away...

As you all know, this week, SockPixie was lucky to find its inspiration in birds. It almost feels looking at my living room that flocks of bird migrated to my house this week. It was a lot of un to create these new colorways.
Here are a few of them.

Here is Painted Bunting, shimmering with bright colors.

And here is Rufious Hummingbird, with its needlepoint of colors.

I hope you will enjoy this week's new colorways.


Kathleen said...

Hello Friend, you have gotten my yarn buds agoing again. Lovin' the colors! Will be putting an order in soon. I have my favorites on a list, they may end up cut into strips and in a yarn bowl for a drawing for the top 2-3 for now?
Cheers. K

SockPixie said...

So nice to hear from you, Kathleen. I missed you.

Caroline, the SockPixie

twellve said...

wow, those are some gorgeous new colors! i'm drooling all the way from the UK. :)

SockPixie said...

Thanks Twellve.
Happy New Year.

Caroline, The SockPixie