Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Look for SocKPixie

Go check the new home page for SockPixie. Aren't these the most delicious colors?


twellve said...

LOVE the colors. *drool*

SockPixie said...

Thanks,I am off to work dyeing more yarn for Sunday's Update.

Caroline, The SockPixie

LauraRak said...

In this photo there is a beautiful yarn with pink and purple. What color is it and is it available?
Laura Rakitnichan
p.s. You know me, I love my pinks and purples!

Also, love the nightime snow photo. Tres belle!

SockPixie said...

Dear Laura,

The yarns in this picture will be available Sunday Night at 6 p.m. East Coast time.
I do remember your cute little purses in pinks and purples!

Big Hugs to you and Emily.

Caroline, the SockPixie

Knit*Six said...

Delicious colors! I could just EAT the Raspberry Cheesecake! Your colorways are among the best I've seen...I could look at them all day long. Maybe I'll have to make a centerpiece out of yarn cakes ;-)

SockPixie said...

Thanks for the really nice comment Knit*Six. My husband had to put his foot down when I started thinking about putting shelving along one wall of our bedroom to display the yarn!

Caroline, the SockPixie