Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fragonard's Reverie...

Reverie... That is the perfect word for all the colorways for this week at SockPixie.
They are so different from the candy colors of last week, and yet equally mesmerizing. These new coloways are all inspired by the paintings of the famous French Painter Fragonard. He painted during the reign of Louis XV, and Louis XVI. His paintings are romantic, whimsical, and following the fashion of the day libertine! It is hard to say which colorway is my favorite but here is today's sneak peek. This colorway is Perrette and the Milk Pail. Poor Perette was dreaming of all the beautiful thing she would buy with her milk money, and was so engrossed in her dreams that she tripped, broke the pail, and lost the milk and all her dreams.


drmimi said...

Darn IT!

Just a few letters off from my first name Pierrette:)

Love the colors,

Pierrette Mimi Poinsett
aka the Yayayarndiva

Wool Winder said...

The yarn matches your inspiration perfectly!