Monday, January 14, 2008

It's a Nor'Easter!

It's a Nor'easter! The kids and I are jumping up and down. Rolfe, on the other hand, does not feel as happy as we do. He has to go to work. On the bright side he is using public transportation. Driving when it is snowing 1-2 inches per hour is no cup of tea! It can take people 6 hours to travel a distance they would normally cover in 10 minutes!
The only thing for me is my daily post office trip to ship all your packages. Rolfe has been insisting for some time now that I should have the post office pick up, instead of going to the post office every day. But I like the 40 minute round-trip walk!
So what should I do? Pack the packages safely in my weather-proof cart, bundle up, and do my own impersonation of the Yeti, or give in and ask for pick-up? Can you guess what I will do? How about a poll? Check in tonight to see what I decided to do!

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