Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday's Preview

It is time for the SockPixie Sunday colorway preview . I am really happy with the way the colorways turned out. I had fun designing them. They are so different from last week's colorways, yet they are equally refreshing, just slightly more passionate maybe. I actually could not help calling one of them Lady Chatterley!
These colorways gave me a great opportunity to pull out all my chintz dishes, and look at them, and touch them, and think maybe I should get more plates!

Above is a picture of a colorway I called Staffordshire after the famous English company who designed this pattern.
Isn't that blue background breathtaking?
I am off to finish my updates for the website, and will be posting the Chintz colorways up by 6 p.m. tonight.
I hope you enjoy this Sunday's colorways, and Happy Knitting to all!


turvid said...

Such a beautiful yarn! Wow!

drmimi said...

Now you have found MY colors.
Passion, vibrancy and shear boldness.
A carnival celebration, without inhibition!
Keep them coming...
Twirling with joy,
Mimi aka the Yayayarndiva

Wool Winder said...

As always, gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I do not use pay pal ,I have drooled over your yarn since seeing it on Momma Monkeys site.I miss her blog and her talent so much.This is the first chance to order from you (un-employment)Now have work YEAH!!!anyway could I send a money order for lady chatterley.Also could i possibly send money for 2 and get another color later?
Thank you,

Esoteric Knitter said...

gasp! it's breathtaking! :)

Kathleen said...

Great yarn as always Caroline, but have a look at your site?

BeckyJ said...

I can't get in!! The link brings up a page saying the domain has expired!! Please tell me you aren't closing? I need sock yarn!