Monday, March 31, 2008

Dreaming of Kandinsky

Last night, I dreamt that I met Kandinsky. He kept whispering in my ear to look at what was in front of me. He directed my head with his strong hands in the direction of what he wanted me to see. This was a very intense dream. So this morning, I decided to look at his paintings, and I know that they will be the inspiration for this Sunday's SockPixie Colorways.
I can be attracted one week to the feminine hues of Marie Laurencin, and the next to the bold colors and abstract work of Kandinsky. It is really an attraction, for every week, I become infatuated with a different set of colors, and color combinations. I think of these colors only, and I seek them. I get to know the colors, I sit down,look at them, and write them. I am always a little scared before I start dyeing the yarn, but after that short moment of doubt, I immerse myself in the colors, and dye the yarns. I feel so much joy, and so much love for the colorways that emerge. I inspect the skeins as they dry, and often while I hold the yarn, I will feel that has to be it, that I can never like any other color sets. But sure enough, the day after I sit down, and I forget last week's love, and fall in love all over again.


kaykatrn said...

Wow! We're gonna have some colorful knitting going on. I may not be able to resist---again!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors. Anymore 18" doll patterns in the works?