Sunday, May 18, 2008

It is Sunday...on Colors, Husbands, and Cats

This Sunday's SockPixie update is ready, and exceptionally this week, I decided to bring back some colors. You have been asking me to do that for a while, and I was ready. I had a lot of fun deciding which ones I would bring back. I hope you will like the selection.Feel free to send me a note through the contact us link on the website, I love to hear from you.

On the knitting front, I have made a lot of progress on the sweater for Mr. SockPixie who is not supposed to know anything about it. Since he usually does not read my blog, I feel pretty safe posting pictures, though he is being a little too curious about the project. Last night, I was knitting on the project and he said "What are you knitting?". My evasive answer: "Something to felt". His next question "What is it going to be?" My bored answer:"Something, you know...for the cats..." Next he said, "Is it something fo me?" My final answer: " Darling, a knitter is entitled to a little bit of privacy, don't you think?!"
My oldest daughter helped a little today and confirmed that it was indeed a new cat basket, that would be felted. He did not seem too convinced, but there were no more questions.
The body is almost at the armhole, and it is going to be time for me to knit front and back separately. It takes time to knit for a giant husband! At least this yarn is thicker and I am knitting on a size 9 needle. I do like the yarn. It does not split which makes the knitting very smooth. As far as the pattern is concerned, I decided to stay simple. So it is in the round, mostly in stockinette, but with "accidental" sections of garter. I really like the more informal look. I think that will be a great weekend sweater for my husband. I am on my 4th ball. I hope I will have enough yarn, and will be able able to finish the project without getting too creative!

If I do run out though, I can get it at Windsor Button. I started working there last week. Now that I know the store a little better, I can assure you that even if I run out of yarn, I will be able to find the solution to my troubles there. They have the largest selection I have ever seen. Susan, the owner of the store is wonderfully helpful, and is always happy to check in her storage room for a matching dye lot!
I had so much fun being in a yarn store again! I met some amazing knitters. We talked about everything, from sock yarns, to how to cast on, and completely unrelated topics, like May 1968 in France. I am really looking forward to going back this week.

I wanted to also give you some updates on This Little Piggy, the thumb sucking help, and on Chaton Minet, the cat basket. They are both working out perfectly. S. loves her Piggy, and has stopped sucking her thumb! The basket has been claimed by my daughter's second cat named Cat. Isn't it good to be a Cat?...

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