Tuesday, July 29, 2008

After Pinwheels, Hexagons...

I am back into geometry! Remember the Pinwheel sweater for Valentine? I love knitting odd shapes. As a matter of fact, there is nothing like an odd shape to keep you entertained. So how did this new entertainment start?
It started with Windsor Button, the store where I work, during a visit on one of the days I am off work accompanied by my oldest daughter. ( Between you and me, I should just put a cot in the store, it would be a lot easier, as I seem to be unable to stay away from it, even when I am off!)
Browsing the shelves led to staring at some Kureyon, then pointing to a favorite color, and my daughter saying what a nice scarf this would make, and how it would go so well with her new corduroy jacket. This led to purchasing the yarn. When I asked her what type of stitch she wanted, she said "Surprise me!".
Once we got home, I pulled all my knitting magazines and books off the shelves, and started looking.

I originally thought I might make the scarf that was on the cover of the Holiday 2006 Vogue Edition, but then I looked at page 91, and I knew that this would be it.
Hexagons,knit out of Noro, edged in nice contrast colors, pieced together, and lined with luscious velvet!

So here we are, I calculated that I would knit 10 hexagons, and after a few days of work, I have 10 hexagons.
It is now time to pick up the stitches along the sides of the hexagons, and for that I have chosen another Noro yarn Cash Iroha in a rich berry color (84).
I decided to do things my way of course. I really liked the wrong side of the hexagons, with the pick ups emphasizing the geometry of the shapes. The wrong side will be the right side for me.

That's it for now...

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