Saturday, July 12, 2008

Impressionist Colorways

Here are the new SockPixie colors for this week. My inspiration this week was the art of the impressionists. I was so obsessed with getting the right look,that I worked on a very different way to dye the yarn to get it to have this soft almost random color impression. Each color touch is nop more than 3 stitches. I just love the effect, and best of all there is no pooling!
Here is a knit sample.

I have been so busy that posting to the blog as been really hard, but I have been knitting a lot, and have a lot to share with you in coming posts.

I hope that you enjoy my impressionists!


Becca Claire said...

These yarn colours are absolutely amazing! I love when yarn has splashes of colour that are short and random.

Rocky said...

These are pretty! Perfect colors for summer.