Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vermeer Colorways, and let's go for a spin...

This week I found my inspiration in Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring painting.
The yellows and blues were a true inspiration as well as the rich browns.

I am also really excited because for the first time this week I am offering rovings in the Vermeer colorways. I cannot wait to see the beautiful yarns you will spin with them.

Enjoy the Vermeer Collection!


Natty Lioness said...

Good inspiration he was a true master of colour and light han? You can identify all his paintings due to their individuality and they're special light.

Much love

PS: In the irish pub i usually go the singer call's me the girl with the pearl earing, because i always use headwrapper. Just a small curitosity lol i feel that Vermeer is a part of me ^_^

Jocelyn said...

Oh wow, rich colours. You know I only saw the film about 2 months ago and was completely blown away by how utterly sad and tragic her story was? made me cry, that Colin Firth was an idiot.