Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Change of Plans

Thank you for all your comments about my handspun. You are so right. Spinning is not about perfection. The organic nature of its "imperfection" is what makes handspun yarn magical.

I had truly intended to post pictures of the single that will be plied with the Petunia colorway, but as always, life took over.

Homeschooling and work merrily filled my day yesterday. I did have a great dinner with my parents,then decided to work a little more last night, and took a late night walk to the post office to drop your orders in the mail.

Today was very much like yesterday, except for the fact that I changed my mind on the fiber I would spin to ply with the Petunia. The fiber, is from this week's colorways, and is Madame d'Haussonville in the wool/soy mix. I pre-drafted the fiber during Math and History. It is all set to be spun tonight. As soon as the little ones are in bed reading their books, I will spin!

But back to serious things, the wool/soy fiber. I am really excited to be spinning it tonight. It is my first time with this fiber. During pre-drafting, it felt incredibly soft, silky, and fluid, almost like butter. I expect it will be a very smooth yarn. The little bit of shine should liven up the BFL, and the colors should complement eachother beautifully.

As a last eye candy, here is another shot of the unspun fiber. I just can't help seeing a Van Gogh there. Don't you think?


Carolyn said...

HI. I have a question about your Kippah pattern. I have a friend who wants one for her new born. I didn't see any finished measurements on this pattern so I wasn't sure how to scale it down? Do you have any suggestions?

I'll also have to make some sort of ties to it so she can tie it to her baby's head.

I appreciate your help. Can you email me at stickknits AT gmail?

Or you can find me on Ravelry, too. I'm Stickknits.

Thank you!

candi said...

Yes. Van Gogh is perfect for this shot. And this colorway will go very nicely with what you've already spun. I'd really like to see it with the semi-solid, though. I think it would give a lot of dimension. Just my 2 cents. =)

Monika said...

Oh, what lovely stuff!