Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Day with Modigliani...

My weekly color inspirations take me in many directions. I am a sort of color libertine, one week in love with one, the next infatuated with another.
Last week, I fell in love with Waterhouse, this week with Modigliani. Their approach to art, and color is so different, creating the colors is like discovering dyeing all over again.

Here one of these amazing colors which I called the Lady in the Aqua Room.

First the painting:

The yarn in a luscious SW BFL:

And in a new Alpaca/merino roving blend:

Enjoy your time with Modigliani!


Monika said...

I LOVE your stuff! I just ordered more! If you had a fiber club, I would be your best customer! Of course I love the all the yarns too. It's so hard to choose....

ellen said...

You make me weep in a wonderful way.
So much beauty, so much color, so much art in the way that color and art comes together...with so much loveliness.

doug fuson said...

Having just received my first skein of your yarn, may I say "Wow!" It's even more gorgeous than the picture (I got the Daniades in lace weight).
Question, what happens to the yarn that doesn't sell out that week? Is there a SockPixie storage vault somewhere that can be accessed? Funds prohibit weekly buying sprees but it would be nice to know that somehow there might be a second chance at some of these beauties.
Thanks, My husband and I look forward to the color show every week. Bernie and Doug